TWEET is a new soft seating collection with a modern casual expression.

The range consists of a pouf and daybed, which if fitted with a backrest become a chair and a sofa. With this backrest, the modules can also be fitted with low or high covers either with or without sound attenuation.

With a few modules, the program offers many options for unique combinations for individual interior design. The sofas can simply stand as beautiful sculptural furniture in the room or be linked together to form small cells and isles in the room.

The individual modules can be linked together by means of the TWEET Wall – panels placed between the sofa elements to provide an enclosure with tranquility for immersion.

TWEET is designed for both immersion and interaction between people.

Hans Thyge & Co.

“Creativity is the variety of impressions, which are combined with memories and associations, and filtered through the individual view,” says designer Hans Thyge Raunkjær (* 1957). After training at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, he worked as a stage designer of a theatre group. He then lived for seven years in Milan, where he also worked as a freelancer for the George Sowden studios. In 1991 he founded his own design studio.

Hans Thyge & Co. works with furniture-, concept- and product design. In addition, the company has a division dealing with 3D graphics, interior design, exhibition design and communications design.

For Labofa Hans Thyge designed the REEF Collection as well as the SHARK and GROOVY programmes – and in cooperation with Hans Sandgren Jakobsen – the COBRA products.