REEF COLLECTION is a range of lounge furniture, designed to facilitate a wide range of functions in reception areas, waiting rooms and other open spaces. The furniture system is intended to be playful and inspiring; the units can be combined in countless ways – limited only by your imagination.

The furniture encourages various sitting and resting positions depending on the size and arrangement of the units. Both the armrest and backrest can be used for books, magazines and laptops.

REEF COLLECTION basically consists of two seating modules available in right and left facing versions. These units can be fitted with armrests and/or three different types of backs.

These two basic modules can be complemented with the high-back version REEF High sofas that can be used for relaxation or uninterrupted conversations.

The sofas are made with a base of solid pine and thick plywood. Everything is assembled with solid metal brackets and bolts to provide maximum strength and rigidity.

The REEF COLLECTION table is made in a simple and practical ‘trolley’ style in bent metal and can be painted in all RAL colours.

Hans Thyge & Co.

“Creativity is the variety of impressions, which are combined with memories and associations, and filtered through the individual view,” says designer Hans Thyge Raunkjær (* 1957). After training at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, he worked as a stage designer of a theatre group. He then lived for seven years in Milan, where he also worked as a freelancer for the George Sowden studios. In 1991 he founded his own design studio.

Hans Thyge & Co. works with furniture-, concept- and product design. In addition, the company has a division dealing with 3D graphics, interior design, exhibition design and communications design.

For Labofa Hans Thyge designed the REEF Collection as well as the SHARK and GROOVY programmes – and in cooperation with Hans Sandgren Jakobsen – the COBRA products.

Base: Solid pine and plywood

Foam: Fire retardant

Legs: Steel


  • Sofa small IS7252-1: 131  x 100/54 cm
  • Sofa small IS7253-1: 131  x 54/100 cm
  • Sofa large IS7282-1: 200 x 100/54 cm
  • Sofa large IS7283-1: 200 x 54/100 cm
  • Back, tapered IS8111: W83 x D20 x H30 cm
  • Back, tapered IS8121: W155 x D20 x H30 cm
  • Back, tapered IS8131: W167 x D20 x H30 cm
  • Back, tapered IS8151: W238 x D20 x H30 cm
  • Back, tapered IS8171: W310 x D20 x H30 cm
  • Back IS8411: W83 x D25 x H25 cm
  • Back IS8421: W155 x D25 x H25 cm
  • Back IS8431: W167 x D25 x H25 cm
  • Back IS8451: W238 x D25 x H25 cm
  • Back IS8471: W310 x D25 x H25 cm
  • Back, low IS8381: W200 x D35 x H10 cm
  • Armrest, low IS8311: W90 x D35 x H10 cm

Leg colours

  • E80 Stainless steel, polished
  • E991 black, painted