The ERGOMATIC III is primarily a chair designed to meet basic needs to sit well. It is a popular choice in both businesses and institutions. Its popularity was founded by its predecessor S40/ERGOMATIC that has served thousands of users for many years. ERGOMATIC III is thought through, worked through and tested down to the smallest detail and therefore the right choice if you need a chair that offers both durability and stability.

Seat height: Column LE0200 43.0 – 59.0 cm

Seat width: 44.5 cm

Seat angle: Fixed -0.5°

Seat depth: Manual 32.0 – 44.5

Back height: 27 cm

Back height adjustment: Manual 11.0 – 30.0 cm

Fabric requirement: 60 cm at width 130 cm

Weight: 10.0 kg

Volume: 0.197 m³

Foam: Fire retardant