SWING and TABLET is multifunctional accessories for the COBRA chair.

The basic idea of ​​the SWING and TABLET writing tablets is that the rotation point is exactly where the elbow rests when sitting in the chair. This rotation means that you can pull the tablet close when working with a laptop, without sacrificing the support of both wrists.

The writing tablet can swing back and forth enabling the user to work in many different working positions. If you take notes and want a more “open” chair and seating position, the tablet is rotated outwards.

SWING and TABLET allow you to use and decorate rooms in completely new ways. Simply a space-saving piece of furniture compared to traditional class room arrangements with ordinary tables and chairs.

When the classroom must be cleared for cleaning simply rotate the tablet over the seat. In this position it does not take up any extra space.

SWING comes with tablet in either MDF or compact laminate – both in white and black. TABLET comes in a black non-slip material as a plain writing tablet or with room for a book/tablet and a water bottle.

SWING and TABLET are not meant to replace all traditional class room layouts, but should be seen as supplements – pieces of furniture that support an interior that ensures variety and flexibility.

With the SWING and TABLET accessory the COBRA is particularly suited for teaching methods with a need for flexibility and where you need to be able to switch from a seated to a standing posture quickly or from listening to a lecture to working in groups.

“Creativity is the variety of impressions, which are combined with memories and associations, and filtered through the individual view,” says designer Hans Thyge Raunkjær (* 1957). After training at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, he worked as a stage designer of a theatre group. He then lived for seven years in Milan, where he also worked as a freelancer for the George Sowden studios. In 1991 he founded his own design studio.

Hans Thyge & Co. works with furniture-, concept- and product design. In addition, the company has a division dealing with 3D graphics, interior design, exhibition design and communications design.

For Labofa Hans Thyge designed the REEF Collection as well as the SHARK and GROOVY programmes – and in cooperation with Hans Sandgren Jakobsen – the COBRA products.