Campus Roskilde

Inside & outside
The architecture defines the “inside” and “outside”. The architecture is space and roominess. Nature is the space outside and the building is the place where we work and live. The furniture reflects the human presence and appears as silhouettes on nature’s canvas outside.

Retreat & immersion
Henning Larsen Architects has designed a series of small spheres for the open spaces – small intimate group facilities that accurately expresses what they are: an opportunity for retreat and immersion.
In classrooms the organically shaped COBRA chairs appear as a nice contrast to the clear clean and geometric lines.

Open spaces
Modern buildings tend to focus more and more on open spaces. This is where individuals meet with a common understanding of tasks and goals; all taking part in the organic process that shapes a common future.

Distant close ups
Architecture is also about depth and proximity. The details are experienced as close ups against something distant. This is well expressed by the line up of COBRA chairs on the balcony with neatly perforated acoustic panels set against the large unbroken window facade.